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Everything you write makes you a better writer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jane Friedman at a Writer’s Digest program; she’s since left that august publication and joined Virginia Quarterly Review. Lucky for all of us, she still offers terrific advice to writers on her web site. I found this post particularly useful as we head into National Novel Writing Month:


3 Steps for Using Prompts to Write Better & Get Published
By Gabriela Pereira


Because this is such a great article, I’m not going to extract from it — you should just head on over there and read it for yourself — but I will highlight the three steps Ms. Pereira suggests:

  1. Build stamina through practice
  2. Develop mastery of techniques
  3. Apply prompts and exercises to a project

This site delivers daily, genre-specific prompts for writers who want or need inspiration to get into the habit of writing every day. That habit is essential. Encouraging and enabling it is the only reason this site exists. You can subscribe to daily emails, follow on Facebook, or just check in from time to time.

Not everything you write will be gold. Not everything you write will be published. What you do publish may not earn adoring notices from readers.

But everything you write makes you a better writer.

So write every day — make the time, and exploit whatever prompts your inspiration to do it.

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