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Romance – August 21

“There’s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls.”

Megan Abbott, born this date in 1971.

Writing prompt: Write a scene in which your teen-aged protagonist’s boredom causes her/him to undertake an activity of questionably safety that will alter the rest of your protag’s life.

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  1. Jim Mitchem says:

    When Jimmy stepped out onto the ledge, he lost his breath for a second. It was only a few feet across the narrow span to the next window, but the concrete two stories below was enough to cause him to question his decision to break into his parent’s room while they were at the mall. He took a breath and continued. Pressing his stomach against the vinyl siding he reached into his pocket and removed a razor blade then cut clean lines in the top of the screen so he could unlock their window without destroying the screen. He then unlocked the window, lifted the screen and gently placed it on the ledge. Then he lifted the window and crawled inside. Their room smelled like authority. He made his way past their king sized bed and into their walk-in closet. He reached his father’s petty cash box as though he’d kept it there himself. He removed several twenty dollar bills, replaced the box and reversed his steps on the carpet – stopping to brush the indentation in the fabric so as not to leave a trace. He then crawled back through the window and replaced the screen. Safely back inside his own room, he called his friend Mike, “I’ve got it. Let’s do this.” Minutes later he was picked up in a black Monte Carlo by a kid with bushy blond hair playing Bon Jovi too loud via new Kenwood speakers.

    Two hours later, Jimmy Collins was arrested for possession of illegal drugs with the intent to sell.

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