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Literary – February 22

“The longest absence is less perilous to love than the terrible trials of incessant proximity.” -Edna St. Vincent Millay, born on this date in 1892. Writing prompt: Write a scene proving familiarity breeds contempt.

Literary – February 21

“Getting rid of the pain without addressing the deeper cause would be like shutting off a fire alarm while the fire’s still going.” -David Foster Wallace, born on this date in 1962. Writing prompt: Write a scene in which everyone incorrectly believes that shutting off your protagonist’s fire alarm has extinguished the fire.

Literary – February 20

Ansel Adams was born on this date in 1902. Writing prompt: Describe this photo of his from the perspective of your protagonist but in your antagonist’s voice, and then from the perspective of your antagonist but in your protagonist’s voice.

Literary – February 19

“All men are lonely. But sometimes it seems to me that we Americans are the loneliest of all. Our hunger for foreign places and new ways has been with us almost like a national disease.” -Carson McCullers, born this date in 1917. Writing prompt: Write the scene in which your protagonist learns that s/he must cancel a long-planned trip to an exotic, exciting foreign destination.

Literary – February 18

Chloe Anthony Wofford — better known as Toni Morrison — was born on this date in 1931. Her 2008 novel A Mercy begins, “Don’t be afraid. My telling can’t hurt you in spite of what I have done….” Writing prompt: Finish a scene that begins with your protagonist saying these words.

Literary – February 17

On this date in 1913, the Armory Show forever changed the world of art by forcing Americans to confront modernism. Writing prompt: Describe from your protagonist’s point of view the scene portrayed in this work from that show, George Bellows’ painting Both Members of This Club. Link to larger image.

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