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Primary – April 24

The United States Library of Congress was established on this date in 1800. It adds 10,000 items to its collection of 152 million items every day. Why do you think humans should or should not collect all that information, and what do you think they should do with it?

Primary – April 23

“Listen to many, speak to a few.” Today is the accepted birthday of William Shakespeare in 1564. Explain your understanding of and opinion about this famous quote of his.

Primary – April 20

Describe a tradition that makes your family special.

Primary – April 19

Yesterday was National Pet Owner’s Day. Explain why you think people should or should not own animals as pets.

Primary – April 18

On this date in 1775, Paul Revere began riding across Massachusetts, crying out “The British are coming!” to rally American’s revolutionary Minutemen. Explain how you would spread such a message today.

Primary – April 17

Describe the person who is your favorite caretaker when your dad or mom is away.

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