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Secondary – August 15

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was born on this date in 1875. How do you think it feels to be great at something but to always be defined by something over which you have no control?

Secondary – September 14

On this date in 1959, the Soviet spacecraft Luna 2 became the first object made on Earth to touch another celestial body when it crashed in Mare Imbrium on the moon. Describe what you would send to another planet on humanity’s first voyage there.

Secondary – August 13

Welcome back from your summer holiday! Construction of the Berlin Wall began in East Germany on this date in 1961. Describe your response if the army built a wall that completely separated two halves of your community.

Secondary – June 15

Describe the most important and interesting place that you intend to travel in your life, and why you want to go there. Prompt Inspiration’s summer break begins tomorrow; new prompts will resume 15 August 2018.

Secondary – June 14

In the USA, today is Flag Day. Think about whether you oppose a constitutional amendment to ban burning the American flag as an act of protest. Write the argument against your opinion. begins its summer holiday after this post. Daily writing prompts for teachers and professors who use writing in their instruction will return on 15 August...

Secondary – June 13

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” –William Butler Yeats, born on this date in 1865. Explain your opinion about the cause-and-effect paradox Yeats describes.

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