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Secondary – September 21

On this day in 1970, The New York Times premiered a new section called the Op-Ed Page, a section opposite the editorial page given over to columnists and illustrators to opine on the issues of the day. What’s your opinion about whether newspapers should express opinions or report only facts?

Secondary – September 18

Lance Armstrong was born this date in 1971. Describe your opinion about whether a person can be an inspirational leader if the reason he or she achieved that position is because he or she took a shortcut to get there.

Secondary – September 17

“It is not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages.” -William Carlos Williams, born on this date in 1883. Explain why you agree or disagree.

Secondary – September 16

On this date in 1620, the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, with 102 passengers bound for the “New World.” Considering the distance and challenges of any future new worlds, describe what would make you decide to make a pilgrimage to one if given the opportunity.

Secondary – September 15

On this date in 1812, Russian soldiers and their leaders set Moscow on fire to deny the city to the invading French army under command of Napoleon Bonaparte. Argue the logic of destroying someone so someone else cannot have it.

Secondary – September 14

Ivan Pavlov, famous for his experiments with dogs demonstrated conditioned reflexes, was born on this date in 1849. Think about something that triggers an automatic reaction in you. What is it, what sense do you use when experiencing it, what happens when you do, and why you want to keep or get rid of it?

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