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Secondary – June 12

On this date in 1942, Anne Frank received a diary as a 13th birthday gift. Write your diary entry for tomorrow. Prompt Inspiration’s summer break begins tomorrow. New prompts will resume Monday, 17 August 2020.

Secondary – June 11

The first woman elected to US Congress, Jeannette Rankin, was born on this date in 1880. She once said, “What one decides to do in crisis depends on one’s philosophy of life, and that philosophy cannot be changed by an incident. If one hasn’t any philosophy in crises, others make the decision.” Describe a time when someone else made a decision for you and how it made you feel.

Secondary – June 10

“It is through fantasy that children achieve catharsis. It is the best means they have for taming wild things.” -Maurice Sendak, born on this date in 1928. Explain why you agree or disagree with Sendak at the same time you explain whether you think trying to control the uncontrollable through fantasy is a good idea.   PS – this will be the last week of writing prompts for secondary teachers before...

Secondary – June 9

Think about the time a person made you the most angry you’ve ever been. Explain the reason for that person’s behavior in a way that would change your emotional reaction from anger to something more positive.

Secondary – June 8

Francis Crick, who with his colleagues James Watson and Maurice Wilkins discovered the double-helix structure of DNA, was born on this date in 1916. Using observations of your family and friends, explain whether genetics or the environment play a greater role in a person’s development.

Secondary – June 5

“Everybody is wrong about everything, just about all the time.” -Chuck Klosterman, born this date in 1972. Argue that Mr. Klosterman proves his point by being wrong.

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