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Primary – January 27

List the three qualities you like best about yourself and explain why each one is important.

Literary – January 26

“There is not a physicist in the world who can perceive when a parlor magician palms off playing-cards.” -Charles Hoy Fort, who on this date in 1931 attended the first meeting of the Fortean Society. Writing prompt: Write a scene in which your protagonist’s expertise in one area makes it impossible for her/him to see s/he is being fooled in another.

Journaling – January 26

“Fairness is man’s ability to rise above his prejudices.”Wes Fesler Journal prompt: Spend at least 20 minutes writing about a time you treated another unfairly because you’d been treated unfairly. Fiction writing prompt: Write a scene in which a person from whom your protagonist expects little accomplishes a lot.

Romance – January 26

Lucinda Williams was born on this date in 1953. Writing prompt:  Write a diary entry in which your protagonist ponders something s/he can’t let go.

Mystery – January 26

On this date in 1788, the first ship of British convicts arrived in that empire’s prison colony in Australia. Writing prompt: Write a scene that forces your protagonist to reveal his/her true opinions about incarcerating criminals.

SciFi/Fantasy – January 26

“This story is about love, which means that it is also about hate.” -Philip José Farmer, born on this date in 1918. Writing prompt: Write a scene exploring your protagonist’s most vexing duality.

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