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Primary – January 27

List the three qualities you like best about yourself and explain why each one is important.

Primary – January 26

“The outrageous is the reasonable, if introduced politely.” -Charles Hoy Fort, who was born on this date in 1931. Tell a story about a time this happened to you.

Primary – January 25

Describe what you think about when you don’t have anything you’re supposed to be thinking about.

Primary – January 24

On this date in 1848, gold was discovered at John Sutter’s mill in California, launching the “Gold Rush” in 1849. What do you think would make a lot of people move a long way today, and why would they do it?

Primary – January 21

If you could invent a holiday to celebrate anything in the universe, what would your holiday be and how would people celebrate it?

Primary – January 20

Who is the most interesting person you know, and what makes him or her so memorable?

Primary – January 19

Describe someone you think is a great leader.

Primary – January 18

Alan Alexander Milne — better known as the creator of Winnie the Pooh — was born on this date in 1882. The stories he wrote were about a young person who went on grand adventures with his toys. Write a story about going on an adventure with your favorite toy.

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